Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pepper-Jack Under Glass

Pepper-Jack Under Glass
Pastels, 20" x 24" framed,  $575

A few years ago, my neighbor gave me her set of soft pastels. She had an illness, and knew that her time was limited. Her pastels were precious to her, and she wanted to give them to someone who would use them. Deeply touched, I accepted her gift. I knew that I would use them at some point. When I opened her set of pastels, I clicked with the medium. I love drawing, and I love painting. With pastels, I enjoy the wonderful mark-making effects and techniques of drawing, as well as the use of rich colors and soft textures, which create a very painterly result -the best of both worlds. Margaret has since passed on, but I feel that she lives on in my work. I am truly grateful for what she shared.

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