Sunday, September 23, 2007

Las Juntas Artists Association's Artist of the Year 2006 and 2007

Jeannette Fromm Artist of the Year


Las Juntas Artists:
An art association of approximately 110 members, was formed in 1973 as a sponsored group of the Pleasant Hill Recreation and Parks District. Its purpose is to promote continual expansion of the artistic talents of its members through education, the exchange of ideas and techniques, critiques, demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions, as well as to further the understanding and appreciation of art in all forms on the part of its members and the general public.
With the concept in mind of artists working together to learn more about art and to learn to appreciate art in every sense, the name Las Juntas Artists was chosen. The City of Pleasant Hill is situated on land that was part of the original Spanish Land Grant known as Rancho Las Juntas, which translates into “the Crossroads”. Juntar is a Spanish word meaning to join, connect, assemble or collect.
Thus, Las Juntas Artists signifies “artists coming together”.